88 thoughts on “At Home with John Cleese

  1. Dear John,

    I´m a fan since ages & this smart “inside report” is a wonderful gift, thanks alot from Germany!


    P.S.: when I´m in some kind of bad mood, I just watch your webinar for Livefault´s backup at http://tinyurl.com/5kr8ym . Lovely little gem! 😉

  2. Lovely, and near perfect.
    Do let me know if you ever need a house/cat sitter, Mr. Cleese. I’m very reasonable and a surprising bargain, even when doing it pro bono.

  3. Very fun! A lovely house and a bathroom that doesn’t make me want to set mine on fire, by comparison.

  4. Great fun! JC is one of my favorite actors. So cool to see a bit of his life, though I am unsure about that lump under the blanket.

  5. Love your video and I too have cats who seem to own my home. You have brought much laughter into my life and have taught me the value of wit!

  6. This was the funniest home tour I’ve ever seen. It’s home to fit the man if ever I saw one. John and his daughter seem to have a relationship worthy of one of his films/shows. Now if I only had a business manager in my house…

  7. I could listen to John Cleese for days. He is such an interesting character.

    Great video. Is there a part two?

  8. I just hope for John and his family that this house we saw in the video did not burn down in the fire in montecito last night.

  9. This is like watching a tour of my father in laws home, just replace the cats with Mini Cooper memorabilia, and the stuffed lemurs with trains. No wonder we love John Cleese so much, I think he may be related to us.

  10. To the commenter who asked if all American homes had to be made of wood: No. Some are made of wood, others… well, actually those are made of wood as well.

  11. Am I the only one who expected him to correct Cleese with “S. Frog, sir”, to see if Cleese would reply with “Shut up”?

  12. A great video about a great man’s surprisingly small (well, relatively small) home. Thank you for making it!

  13. Love the library and the cats, it is refreshing to see your closet, it is almost as small as mine and I am not an “International Movie Star.” My bathroom is also smaller, but very easy to clean. I ma envious of your pet assistant, where can i get one? Is he nutured or still in his natural state?

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  15. I would have been disappointed if a tour of the fabulous Mr.
    Cleese´s home hadn´t turned out the way it did.

  16. Your house was a pleasure to visit. Thank you. And as usual, I enjoyed your energy, passion, humor and wit.

    Thank you.
    From a fellow cat-lover,


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