No News is Good News

For many companies, a silent blog means either that they don’t really understand online media, or that they are just focused on the core business which is mostly offline, or that they are about to go bust.

None of those things are true for Small Pictures. Most of our business is online and what is more, it’s thriving. Considering that blogging is one of the things we do best, this company blog has been shamefully neglected.  It’s just we’ve all been terribly busy, so bear with us while we play catch up.

In the past few months, we’ve devised and launched quite a few successful additions for our illustrious client John Cleese, as he attempts to rake in as much money as possible to assist with his alimony payments. Here’s what we’ve been doing, in brief.

World of Cheese – John Cleese Merchandise. We’ve designed a lot of nice new t-shirts and other apparel including custom tour shirts. Some designs are based on the old man’s Twitterings. For example:

this tweet: gave rise to this shirt: – within minutes

Picture 1

The shirt promptly started to sell and has continued to sell ever since. This is real time web meets real time retailyou read it here first.

We’re so contemporary it physically hurts.

John Cleese’s Nigerian Lottery – aka the email newsletter has also been a great success. We took over the old list, cleaned it up, gained 5,000 new addresses from the 270,000+ Twitter followers and continued banging out fun monthly missives. It’s a blatant, opt-in third party marketing ploy, and though we’ve been gentle so far and sold official t-shirts and advertised John’s tour dates, obviously we’re prepared to include ads for other people for a reasonably high price, as long as they are sufficiently amusing.

So, contact us by leaving a comment here if you have a product or service you’d like us to shill to John Cleese’s most fawning fans. Really, we’ll consider anything legal.

Facebook finally changed its Terms and Conditions so that they didn’t lay claim to your first born child and your pension, which meant we could begin to use that sprawling social network. We picked up the unofficial fan page from a kind and generous fan, authenticated it, and we’ve added 20,000 new members in a little over a month.

We’ve some other cunning plans in the pipeline, including mobile activity (iPhone, Android) in the months to come. If you really want to keep up to date with our Cleese activities, you’re better off following John’s Twitter account though, than subscribing to this blog, which given the huge investment of time and energy we put into our day to day work will only occasionally get a look in. The only reason I’m writing this now is because the weather is so dreadful, I’m stuck in on a Saturday night.


Picture 2