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  1. Alright, I said it already, but will state it once more: it’s a fabulous video.

    I loved it, I loved every minute of it, and John Cleese is absolutely hilarious. I wonder what it is to live around him, if you’re not a cat though.

  2. Hilarious, I love the deep smile in my spirit as I viewed, you know like a quiet belly laugh , almost.

    Love the Pelican poem – as a native of Caribbean, I relate. Love all the yard art and the lion, the dog that won’t work. Oh the library – so cool an idea. Will have to borrow. Why on earth must you treat your daughter that way. Oh! I would’ve been p’d off.!

    Oh and I just love your confidence in your compassion…so much so you can refer to the weak as ‘dregs of society’…or something like it. Now that is a sure sign of authentic ‘goodness’…not a word? But you get my drift?

    Loved this wonderful reprieve from work. Like I needed one.

    I so enjoy you and your work. Thank you!!

  3. Absolutely adored seeing you in your natural habitat. Your affinity with all things metallic and animalistic do you prove you do have a lovely Wild Side…oh wait…we already knew that…Such a lovely, simple life, for a lovely COMPLICATED man! What a joy! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Charming and funny. Loved the interview and tour. Makes me feel like John Cleese is a neighbor (even though I live in Boston) and makes me miss California too!

  5. Very nice cottage. I must say, I’m quite jealous of the art, books, and cats.

    Your videos are fun to watch, and you are still very funny. Keep it up.

  6. Thank you so much for the tour of your California home. Love your library – something we have always wanted to have (we rent ugh!). Definitely love your kitties – have a black one (Dotsie) – a love muffin like yours.

    And thank you for being so accessible (Blog, Twitter, etc). I love seeing “tweets” from you, Stephen Fry, and Wil Wheaton throughout my work day (and night).

    ~ Barbara Eyre
    Hiddenite, North Carolina

  7. Watching this video, I have two requests, John. 1. Can I hang out with you and have fun with the kittens? and 2. Can you be my new Grandpa? Mine have died off and I have a few spots open…

    And your library speaks volumes (badum ching!) of your intellect and wit.

  8. Hilarious! Longtime fan, wonderful to get the inside view. The daughter was a great supporting actress in the making of the video 🙂 Thank you for sharing on twitter!

  9. If you could speak French, you’d love Vinvin post with this video. You must know he really loves you (and nothing related to any gay pride with lions !).

    Thanks for this great time, John and Vinvin.

    PS : Stop torturing your daughter !!! 🙂

  10. Nice video. Thanks for sharing John. I like cats and I can see that the cats you have just love you. Very few let you cradle them laying on their back like you did. Enjoyed the statues out in the yard.

  11. As I told on twitter:

    I’m not sure whether the “frog” was really embarrassed or just pretended to be. Hopefully he was. Funny, that thing!

    And I liked the way you described your lion. It’s like “yes, the mouse problem”..How’s the bowel doing, you great buff?

  12. It’s not right that you should be so funny, and the rest of us are so droll…it’s unfair, it is. I suspect the cat was tranquilized…you should guest star on, “The Office”.

  13. Is this the “reality television” everyone’s talking about? Frightening, really, but good fun. How is the plumbing?

  14. So happy to see that what most American homes would turn into the dressing room has been turned into the library. Keeping priorities straight. Does the library have a borrowing policy? I’m a little light on biology books right now. However, I do have a great edition of The Odyssey you could borrow. I’ll even throw in the Iliad.

  15. What a totally charming home! Thanks for letting us in. The cat in my lap right now particularly enjoyed all the cat-friendly features.

    Now I must build a library … and an international film star dressing room.

  16. @Frank Abel : I’m sure the frog was a bit embarrassed as when you are willing to talk more fluently with someone you like but your English is not fluent enough to catch every word nor to respond to jokes in real time 🙂

    Being a fan of John Cleese myself and being a frog too, I can only sympathize. But I definitely prefer the giraffe over the lion.

  17. Very enjoyable, thank you all! The trained cat made me smile, as did the dressing room – very “Cribs” 😀

    I’m going to have to dig out the photo of me at Mister Cheese’s 65th birthday breakfast, where said birthday boy pretended to punch me on the face and almost actually did…the look on my face is quite hilarious…

    Looking forward to more videos!

  18. Lovely, and just how I would have pictured Mr. Cheese’s living quarters: eclectic, quietly bizarre, and perfectly cozy. I totally lust after that library — I wonder if I could remodel my guest bathroom?

  19. How on earth did you manage to buy the house of my dreams?

    Library – check.
    Dressing room – check.
    Writing room – check.
    Inanimate zoo – check.

    You lucky, lucky b……

  20. To Steve, about houses in America being made of wood….

    The East Coast has many brick and stone homes. But build them that way in the West, on the San Andreas Fault, and, the first good earthquake, you’ll be living on (or, worse, under) a big pile of rocks. Wood works best out here.

    Great video. I’m so jealous of that library. My whole apartment could fit in there… cats and all.


  21. Thanks, sir, for the tour of your California cottage.
    There’s something about that Southern California light that was captured particularly well in the interior shots… congratulations to the crew for that.
    Special thanks, too, to Vinvin, who’s becoming a rather skilled straight man (so to speak).
    Most of all, though, I appreciated your generosity in sharing the artwork. The Searle animals are wonderful, and was that a Macaulay of the city scene with the theatre?
    Lovely, lovely work.
    Thanks, again!

  22. Vinvin, I love these segments with Cleese, keep them coming!

    Mr. Cleese I would love to spend and afternoon with you discussing politics and poetry.



  23. Dear John,

    I knew somehow that you would have to be a cat lover. Loved seeing your home, warm and charming, like yourself.

    Thanks to Vinvin for bringing it to us! Hope your daughter is not plotting her revenge…

    Kindest Regards,


  24. Dear John,

    Somehow I knew you’d be a cat lover. Loved your home, warm and charming,like yourself.

    Thanks to Vinvin for bringing it to us. I hope your daughter is not plotting her revenge!

    Kindest Regards,


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